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Humberside 100 Club

Cavaliers come into rescue for many reasons, and often through no fault of their own, Divorce, Death of an elderly owner, change in circumstance and sometimes with a problem.

We endeavour to find the right home for each and every Cavalier.

We have a small band of volunteer workers who will foster, vet perspective new homes and transport from and to new homes. We pride ourselves on not only taking in any unwanted Cavalier, but we are also happy to give any advice that is needed with any problems that arise.

Our Rescue Coordinator is David Crossley, Chairman (01723 864285) who does this purely on a voluntary basis and for which we are extremely grateful plus all the time and effort put in by all our rescue helpers.

We are looking for members and non-members who will kindly donate their time to help with transport and/or kennelling, home checking, fundraising as well as finding homes for unwanted Cavaliers in need of rescue and re- homing. If you would like to help or learn more, please contact either David Crossley, Chairman (01723 864285), Chris Knight, Secretary (01636 626618) or Sue Robinson, Treasurer (01284 827224).

If you would like to be considered for one of our rescues please contact David, you will need to complete one of our application forms.

We also have some notes which you might like to read here.

A previous Calendar photo competition to raise funds.

We solely rely upon donations and fundraising events so why not take the opportunity to help those who cannot help themselves by considering a donation to our funds. please use the form below.

Rescue Raffles

By popular demand the Humberside CKCS Club Rescue Fund will be continuing with another 100 Club No.5 which will commence on 1st March 2020.

We run a 100 Club to help fund a regular source of income for our rescue service. Individual members contribute £5 a month or £60 upfront and all members participate in a monthly draw for cash prizes with a super draw in December each year. If you would like to join then please contact our Treasurer Sue Robinson Email : humbersideckcstreasurer@btinternet.com for more information. Download this xxxx for details of the 2021 version.




Visit our page to see monthly draw results

100 Club No. 6, 1st Draw April 2021
Debbie Cain £60
Jenny MacAlpine £50
Mike Pestereff £40
Jannifer Kitchen £30
Marilyn & Bryan Claydon £20

100 Club No. 5, 12th Draw March 2021
Karen Lister £60
Mark Pritchard £50
Anita Cooper £40
Maysel Vincent £30
Annette Griffin £20

100 Club No. 5, 11th Draw February 2021
Ann Blackburn £60
Catherine Rhodes £50
David Crossley £40
Debbie Caine £30
Keith Fox £20

100 Club No. 5, 10th Draw January 2021
Barbara Maddy £60
Mark Pritchard £50
Jeanne Boyd £40
Kelly Lee £30
Cathy  Raine £20

100 Club No. 5, 9th Draw December 2020
Marilyn and Bryan Claydon £120
Suzanne Glenn £100
Su Pond £80
Diane Clarke £60
Jenny Nolan £40
Alison Walker £20
Thomas Nolan £20
Marc Spall £20
Ricky Knight £20
Norma Bloice £20

100 Club No. 5, 8th Draw November 2020
Caroline Grist £60
Claire Pascoe £50
Mags Reason £40
Suzanne Glenn £30
Jackie Stuart £20

100 Club No. 5 7th Draw October 2020
Donna Hill £60
Lisa Fairclough £50
Ted Rogerson £40
Becky Wileman £30
Helen Long £20

100 Club No. 5 6th Draw September 2020
Jenny MacAlpine £60
Anne Bayliss £50
Bryan & Marilyn Claydon £40
Linda Flynn £30
Mark Pritchard £20

100 Club No. 5 5th Draw August 2020
Sharon Milner £60
Rachel Surman £50
Janet Crossley £40
Gail Hall £30
Jon Perry £20

100 Club No. 5 4th Draw July 2020
Diane Whitfield £60
Bill Knight £50
Brenda Turnbull £40
Ellen Renaud £30
Jenny Nolan £20

100 Club No. 5 3rd Draw June 2020
Mary Constable £60
Marc Spall £50
Mark Pritchard £40
Jacque Green £30
Margaret Blakeborough £20

100 Club No. 5 2nd Draw May 2020
Annette Griffin £60
Eileen Rowarth £50
Lynn Fox £40
Janine Grist £30
Andy & David Sedgbeer £20

100 Club No. 5 1st Draw April 2020

Mike Pestereff £60
Hilary Yates £50
Diane Whitfield £40
Mark Pritchard £30
Ted Rogerson £20