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History of the Club

Jean Grant recalls the formation of the
Humberside Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

Most exhibitors in the Humberside area were complaining about the distance to Club Shows. The Northern Club was too far north, mainly holding their shows in North Yorkshire and Cumbria. The only other club nearest to us was the Eastern and their shows were held in the Norfolk area. So a petition was taken round to see how much support we would get if it was decided that another club was needed.

We got well over 200 signatures.

The next problem was how to go about it. So a letter was sent off to the Kennel Club asking for their help and advice. This was in 1984. An inaugural meeting was held at Outwood near Wakefield. The Hall was full to bursting, both for and against a new Club. Ideas were tossed around, but at the end of the day it was put to the vote and the vote went overwhelmingly that yes, another club was needed.

Oficers were then voted for.

One of the first Committees
of the Humberside CKCS Club

Bill Patterson as Chairman
Jean Grant Secretary and Frank Farnhill as Treasurer.

A committee of twelve was then voted for, these being: Mrs Pat Lee, Liz Farnhill, Dorrie Paterson, Gill Baker, Elaine Hall, Mrs Alan Forward, Brian Randall, Mike Pestereff and Stuart Spratt

Next, the Club's name. Two choices were given to the Kennel Club. The Central Cavalier Club, as the club's area was given as running across the centre of England, or as the new county was being formed, to be called after it, ie The Humberside C.K.C.S. Club. (Note: now there is no such area). We now had to get some funds by us.

An exemption show was held at Baslow, also a BBQ. Eventually, on 30th May 1985 we were registered with the Kennel Club as the Humberside Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club. It had taken a little over a year for us to be accepted as an official Club.

After a lot of hard work and effort, we had arrived! We felt all our hard work was worth the effort when we eventually got Championship status in 1989. A lot of this was due to Mr and Mrs Booth (Bowstones). They gave us a lot of help and advice and helped us to draw up the rules. Most are still in the Rule Book today. So YES, another Club was needed to help stable our beautiful breed.

Our first Open Show was held at the Newton Memorial Hall, Chapeltown, Sheffield on 1st December 1985. We had an entry of 174 dogs making 295 entries for a 26 Class show.

Pictured at our first show are Left to Right ~ Bitch judge Joan Phillips, Paul Follows with Best Bitch Ellacroft Milanaise, Dog judge Len Irons, Barbara Stanley with Best in Show Astraddle Innue 'n' Does, Referee Mr C Longden, Chairman Bill Patterson, Secretary Jean Grant and Caroline Ackroyd with Best Puppy Stonepit Mystic Wizard.

Committee photo taken at 1st Show Catalogue from 1st Show
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2nd Open Show 1986

Held on the 25th May 1986 at Brodsworth, Woodlands, Doncaster, pictured are Gill Baker, David Crossley with BIS, judge Veronica Hull, Jean Grant, Sue Sutcliff, Brian Randal and Ann Rowarth

Pictures from other shows

Chairman Janet Crossley together with the Best in Show Judge John Grant, at the Open Show 2003 Brian Claydon with BIS Ch Brymarden Moonriver, Bitch Judge Stephen Goodwin, Dog Judge Gordon Inglis and Lorraine Hughes with RBIS Ch Loranka's Celebration Time